Attack of the Automatons - part 12

One weekend this spring I wanted to relax and forget about work, driving in traffic, taxes, home repair and every other unpleasant chores like those, so I took a bunch of figures and set them up in the yard, coming up with a story and action sequences as I went. Those are the most fun to do, for me. No specific script in mind, come up with a basic gimmick, fill a bin full of figures and accessories, take my old beat up digital camera and go play in the yard for a few hours early in the morning on a weekend. Then I spent several late evenings and early weekend mornings playing in Photoshop to add explosions, sound effects and multiply the single Star Wars walker and Death Trooper I had to give the impression that there were many of those. I added the text bubbles and made up the dialogue later, which is also fun, because I enjoy creating it as I go, rather than have to follow a prewritten script. It also gave me an excuse, since this story is set before The Scorpion's Deadly Sting, to include the trio of villains composed of the Scorpion, Doctor Cyclops and the Iron Phantom, as they test the prototype of an armored robotic unit.
I'll likely take pictures for another story later this summer, when we're visiting my in-laws, on mornings when the kids are spending time with their grammy, my wife gone running around the neighbourhood and I got nothing better to do.

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