Adventure Team - Dinosaur Hunt - part 4

I wanted to do a solo adventure with the character of Forester but also wanted to demonstrate the new Team Leader's, Colonel Blake's son, less than honest intentions, as he's still following in the footsteps of his late father, although he claimed to want to correct some of his past mistakes. I also enjoyed making some of the effects in Photoshop with the plastic toy dinosaur (half the size of the G.I.Joe figure I used). I have pictures for a showdown between Scout, Major Brave's unit and the Iron Phantom and after that I'll have to wait for spring before making another photo-story. With seven winter stories on my blog already (and I'm real happy with the three I did last year) I don't intend to take more pictures in the snow for awhile. It's not great lying in the snow with bare hands to handle a digital camera in freezing temperatures for several hours, I can tell you that.

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