Adventure Team - Spy Island Mystery - part 4

I always wanted to do a Secret Mission to Spy Island type story. I remember fondly my Secret Mission to Spy Island G.I.Joe play set I got as a child. I tried to reproduce the scenes from the mini comic book that came with the set, when playing with it in my childhood, but couldn't exactly, because the set was the later one with the black pants and black knitted sweater, while the comic was the first version which featured a beardless G.I.Joe in Action Marine camouflage outfit, which did not match what was in the packaging. As it were, I think the first comic is better drawn and less racist than the second one they made, with a bearded Adventurer in the black outfit, where the bad guys, rather than being Russian, were villains with caricatured Chinese-like features. Since I didn't keep any of those old G.I.Joe sets and accessories, I recreated that Spy Island set with my reproduction Action Marine G.I.Joe and Cobra Island raft with outboard motor. It's not ideal, since I couldn't take nighttime pictures on the shore of the local river, while crouching on rocks by the water, holding the camera without dropping it in the river. Not enough light to do that when it's dark, or even late in the day, so it had to be in daytime. I also didn't have time to plan and reproduce the shots from the comic, the way I wanted. I just had a Saturday morning this fall to pull it off and that was a stretch as it is. Even so, I'm still glad I got this story out of my system. I did another with my reproduction bearded Sea Adventurer, to match the Secret Mission to Spy Island play set that I had as a kid.

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