Adventure Team & the Ghost Alligator - part 5

I did this photo-story, and another that I'll post soon, to have a couple of extra stories with the old Adventure Team Commander before I no longer have the figure. I'm considering selling part of my collection in the next year or two because I have more than I can shake a stick at and because my son stopped playing with those figures years ago, once he realized, some time after starting elementary school, that his schoolmates didn't play with those, since toy manufacturers stopped making such figures fifteen years ago or so. He got into Lego big time, like his friends at school, and everything has been Lego since then, from Lego Hero Factory, Bionicles, Nexo Knights, Star Wars, etc. Big 1:6 scale G.I.Joe action figures were daddy's childhood toys, not his. So, I'll no longer have some of the figures I've been using in many of my photo-stories before long, which is why I may do a few short stories with some of them before then.

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