G.I.Joe - A snake in the old mine - part 6

I wanted to do another photo story involving both the Adventure Team and G.I.Joe from the 1980s, like I did with Arctic Cobra, which I did this past winter less than two months ago. I don't own many G.I.Joe 1:6 scale figures from the G.I.Joe a real American hero, so I had to kit bash and customize what I could with the figures and accessories I own. Snake Eyes has always been my favorite character, so he'll always be in those types of stories, but I wanted to add a few more characters. In this case I managed to make a custom Beach Head, Lady Jay, Clutch and Recondo. I think anyone who knows the characters should be able to recognize them, just like my Alpine and Snow Job, from Arctic Cobra, but I made sure they were clearly identified in the dialogue. I'm not sure if I'll make more of those stories in the future, but I'm happy with those two for now. I want to make a few single character stories this summer with my characters of Explorer, Mariner and Forester. In the meantime I have a couple more photo stories I'll be putting together in the next month or so, with pictures I took in my front yard in the last couple of weeks. Thanks for looking.

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