Attack of the Abominable Snow Beast - part 4

We finally got a decent amount of snow a couple of weeks ago, so I managed to take pictures for this story in my front yard. It wasn't in the best conditions, since some of the pictures I took were taken at the end of the day, when it was getting a bit dark and I had to brighten those images later on the computer, while some others were taken on the weekend on a bright sunny day, which caused other issues with the cast shadows of some of our trees in the yard. However, since it started to get warmer with the addition of rain, in the last ten days, I'm glad I took the decision to take those pictures anyway, because most of the snow has now melted and I wouldn't be able to take those now. I still had to use some backgrounds of mountains for some shots, but that was better than attempting to take those pictures in the snow banks of the mall's parking on a Sunday morning, like I did a couple of years ago for "Close Call". I also managed to take all the exterior pictures with my old camera using the viewfinder, since the screen busted last fall. I had to crop some of the pictures, because it's a bit hard to frame the scene, lying in the snow, looking in that small viewfinder, but that old camera still gave me clearer, sharper and overall better pictures than my smartphone at Christmas ("The Lair of the Cyclops"), so I'll keep using it for all outdoors shots. Thanks for looking.

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