Lair of the Cyclops - part 8

I took the pictures for this photo-story in my mother-in-law's front yard during the Christmas holidays when I had a some time to kill and while there wasn't any snowfall on the horizon. We had a green Christmas this year, but that's often the case in Nova Scotia, I find, while there's normally more snow in Montreal. 
I took the pictures with my smartphone because my old camera gave out this fall. The view screen is broken and I can only use the viewfinder like in the old days, but that doesn't allow me to use the camera's functions, since I can't view the menu, or see where the camera is focusing on. I might still use it when I don't want to risk my phone or my wife's good camera when I take pictures near the falls at Victoria park in Truro, for example. My old camera didn't own me much, since I managed to produce nearly 40 photo-stories with it since 2011 and my wife had used it for five years before giving it to me, after buying a newer model with higher resolution. I used her good camera to take the pictures for "Time Out" this fall, since my camera had just broken down then. 
However, I wanted to see if I could manage with my phone, since it has a build in camera. I'm not really happy with the results, because I have nearly no control over where the camera is focusing, which is a big deal when taking pictures of miniatures with a very limited depth of field. It also tends to over expose when there is a good deal of sunlight and I can't even fix that later on the computer, unlike pictures I was getting with the old camera. It's also difficult to hold it for such close-up pictures and there is no zoom. So, overall, I don't think I'll be using my phone often to make photo-stories, unless I happen to be on vacation somewhere and have a story idea with enough time on my hand without having another device to take pictures with. In the meantime I'll be borrowing my wife's good camera to take pictures in our house and our yard, where there are less risks of damaging it.
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