Suicide Mission on Terror Island - part 5

I wanted to write a story that would end some of the ex-adventurer's collaboration with Major Brave's team because I thought over time that this tended to center on more military type stories rather than adventure ones. I want to go back to making adventure stories and somehow work the Adventure Team back in my story arch, which I begin to do at the end of this story, with Colonel Blake's son trying to rebuild Adventure Team Canada, in an effort to correct some of the mistakes his father had made in the past.
The irony is that as a child I had this wonderful set of The Mystery of the Mummy's Tomb, which was my first G.I.Joe Adventure Team figure and set, with the famous six wheel ATV, mummy, archeological equipment, hard hat and all, that was followed later on by the Adventure Team Desert Patrol set with the jeep, tent, camping equipment and crocodile, yet, I kept trying to dress my G.I.Joe Adventurer like a soldier, adding a riffle and military helmet from an accessory bag I got later on. I played with the jeep as an army jeep and so forth. However, I wished I could have gotten my hands on Adventure Team figures as a collector rather than exclusively military ones, which is what became available around 1998 to 2002 or so with G.I.Joe, Ultimate Soldier, Power Team, Ultra Corp and the like. I still enjoy writing stories that are military inspired in some way but want to go back to the Adventure Team, which I find to be a much more appealing concept, both as a collector and as a parent.

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