The Lost Quest - part 6

I don't remember exactly when I came up with the idea for this dramatic story. I wanted to make a story where we see one of the characters realize that, while pursuing his childhood dream, he basically bypassed his life, in a sense, and faces the fact that it's now too late to turn around and go back to live it. Mountaineer came to mind as I was coming up with this idea, since I set him up for that gradually in both "Temple of Danger" and "Perilous Journey", so I went with it. I also wanted to finally end Earth Adventurer's involvement with the remaining adventurers, showing that he realized himself that it was taking too much of a toll on his quality of life and his relationship with his son. Often, when writing more dramatic stories, some elements of my life come as inspiration for certain parts of those stories. With time, I've come to realize that it's the way I've been dealing with certain issues. As for the action stories, well, those are really just for fun. Thanks for looking.

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