Secret Mission to the Lost Outpost - part 10

I did this story in the basement of my old house. It's perfect to look like the inside of a rundown old base with all the filthy concrete and dirt. I hate that basement, it gives me the creeps and I'm the only one in my family who goes down there. I couldn't get my eleven year old son to help me clean the cat boxes, because he's scared of all the spiders and bugs that show up down there once in a while, mind you, there are a few big enough specimens, but that doesn't help me much with those cat boxes (we got three cats). So, anyway, I did this story in that basement, (so that it makes me feel like getting something more appealing out of that basement) during the winter, while it was too cold to do anything outside and I finally found the time to put it together. I hope you like this one. Thanks for looking.

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