Spy Probe Down - part 11

I took most of the pictures in my mother-in-law's and our house's front yard. Thanks to Photoshop, I was able to cover up my mother-in-law's car, driveway and house with the top of the trees and sky over the house's roof and add pictures of Melmerby beach in Nova Scotia behind the rocks in Major Brave's base camp in the first and last sequence. I had fun doing this story and wanted to bring in another foe for the new adventurers. The plastic lizard is barely half the size of the 1/6 scale G.I.Joes and the jeep near the probe is 1/24 scale so Photoshop came in handy when putting all those elements together in scale with each other. I use what I have on hand, since this is a hobby and I have a very small budget, so, after noticing my mother-in-law's old burger fryer in her kitchen over the last twelve years, which I never saw her use even once, I decided that it could stand in as a spy probe in one of my photo stories, since the thing looked like a UFO. I'll get a kick out of showing her that story next time were down there and see if she recognizes her burger fryer.

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