Adventure Team - Temple of Danger Part 3

I always wanted to make more stories with the character of Mountaineer, introduced in "Hiking Excursion" over a year ago. The problem is that I was always waiting for another opportunity to go hiking in Mont-Saint-Hilaire (Quebec, Canada) to take pictures on an actual mountain, which I did with "Hiking Excursion" during an actual hiking excursion with my son, but it got in the way of some of the time I was spending with him and I didn't want to do that again. 

The other problem, is that to go to that mountain, climb to the top and pick good spots to take pictures, then climb down and drive home, takes basically a whole day and the only time I could do that, with a full time job, is on the weekend, and I don't want to take that much time away from my family, so it didn't happen. 

However, as I've become more comfortable with Photoshop since I first started this blog, I realized that I could fake a mountain climbing adventure using a bunch of rocks picked up in the yard, a white piece of foam-core (for cloning a backdrop of mountains over it) and make those pictures in the basement after the kids are in bed.
That proved much more feasible so I went with that instead. It also makes stories with a beach ("Dinosaur Island" & "Time Portal Countdown") possible without having to be a bother to my family when we're actually at the beach during our summer vacation.

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