Adventure Team - Perilous Journey Part 4

I always wanted to have a few stories with the Mountaineer, but, until I gave up on the idea of waiting for an opportunity to go hiking out of town up an actual mountain to take pictures in an appropriate location, I never managed to make more stories with the character. 

I did this one and "Temple of Danger" back to back because they're linked together, the earlier one being more action oriented and this one being more dramatic. As I grow older I realize most of my dreams are behind me and never got me anywhere. I'm not young anymore, so my chances of reaching my old goals are pretty poor and getting poorer as the years go by, not unlike Mountaineer.

I might still make another story or two with the character, which would take place during Adventure Team Canada's active years. Until then I'm glad I gave this character (only seen when he was introduced in "Hiking Excursion" and in a cameo when voting in favor of the new Commander in "Changing of the Guard") a couple of stories with the team and after.

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