Snow Attack - Part 2

When my son came up with an idea for a new Hero Factory story he came up with three stories in close succession within a two week period. He was excited about the 2014 edition of Hero Factory that changed the scale completely with mini heroes fitting inside "battle machines" made with pieces that used to form actual bigger scale heroes in previous years. He managed to make smaller heroes and build battle machines for them while he anxiously waited to see the new Hero Factory toys in store. 

It was a stretch to finish editing this story because now that my son has gotten a couple of 2014 edition Hero Factory toys, at the new Lego Store that just opened near our location, he's lost most of his interest in finishing the stories with his own creations. I prefer his own creations since he shows imagination and ingenuity over simply following the instructions supplied by the manufacturer. He has one story left, that we took pictures of a month ago, to finish editing with the dialogues and upload here and after that I imagine it'll be a while before he's interested in this hobby again. That's fine, in the meantime, my daughter told me that she'd like to make a photo story this summer with her Barbies and a few G.I.Joes...

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