Adventure Team - Close Call - Part 4

This story is probably the second to last one that will wrap the time frame during which I imagine the adventures of Adventure Team Canada take place. The whole thing being based on the Adventure Team G.I.Joe action figures I played with as a child during the seventies couldn't be expected to keep going indefinitely with the original adventurers all having reached retirement age or well past it. 

I came up with an origin of my own that I told in "How it all started", then I went further explaining, through several stories, that without a reliable source of income the team had to fold at one time and it took some effort to put it back together, as I elaborated in "Memoirs" while coming up with their new source of income depicted in "Old Joe needs a new job". There was also a passing of the torch, when I showed how the old Commander met his end in "Changing of the Guard" and "Farewell". 

After that I went on with new adventures featuring new and old adventurers with the new commander at the helm (my own original Adventure Team G.I.Joe that came with the "Secret of the Mummy's Tomb" that I received for my birthday as a child). In the end I couldn't help but write somewhat dramatic stories which highlighted more realistic concerns that motivated many adventurers to leave the team one way or the other. 

I will do more stories but the new ones, except for the one that will follow "Close Call", will be taking place during the time frame that I've now established through all the stories appearing on this blog. I'm thinking of a flashback story or two with the first adventurers, some funny ones when Old Joe has a temporary office job at G.I.Joe H.Q. and the like. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoyed reading these stories. Thanks for looking. 

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