Adventure Team - Farewell - Part 4

This story is a direct follow-up to "Changing of the guard" and was heavily influenced by my own experience when I lost both my parents to cancer in 2011. My mother died of cancer after well over six months and three separate hospitalizations. My father followed her four and a half months later, after having a car accident two months before my mother passed away, while she was at the hospital with terminal cancer. He lost his mobility and was no longer considered able to look after his own needs or taking his own medication and the hospital forced me to place him in a residence since we could not properly look after him at home. He had been completely autonomous prior to his car accident but had been diagnosed with a beginning of Alzheimer's and dementia a year earlier, which symptoms increased dramatically after my mother died. Four months after my mother passed away he had to be hospitalized again for different reasons but after the doctor ran some tests they discovered he had advanced lung cancer, which had never been diagnosed before, and he died two weeks after arriving at the hospital. From now on the stories should hopefully be less dramatic. It's just my way of working some things out. I didn't plan this that way but the stories (Changing of the guard & Farewell) just came up in my mind and the dialogue almost wrote itself. I realized as I was doing it that I needed to get this off my chest in some form or another and that's how it came out.

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