Adventure Team - Ghost Island - Part 3

I took the pictures on the water at a beach in Nova Scotia, while on vacation with my family during the summer of 2013, but didn't have the opportunity to complete the story until later. I thought I would have to wait another year to finish it the following summer but I found a suitable location while taking my kids to a new park that bordered the river in the town next to ours on the island we live on. I was too early in the morning and didn't realize that a large nearby tree would cast such a long shadow over the spot where I wanted to take the pictures but I didn't have time to try again later. I might go back some other time, later in the day when the light is better, for another story but for now this will do. The scene at Adventure Team Canada HQ is taken from Memoirs because that is where the character of Surveyor is first introduced and sent on this mission. However that scene was part of the story for Memoirs but not the actual adventure that Surveyor was going to go on. I also didn't have the opportunity to finish the photos associated with it or didn't know if I would find it for another year when I was completing Memoirs. Ghost Island and Curse of the Scorpion are inspired by my G.I.Joe "Secret Mission to Spy Island" Adventure Team play set that I got as a child and I always wanted to do an adventure with a raft. I found the "Secret Mission to Cobra Island" play set with the raft several years ago and it came in handy for those two stories.

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