Adventure Team - Memoirs - Part 8

This story is actually a three in one. I had ideas about another more dramatic flashback story involving a Nazi war criminal code named "The Salamander" but I just didn't want to get through with it because it was going to be a much darker one with the deaths of the first Adventure Team, etc. I also had the idea for a story about when the old Adventure Team Canada got back together, after being disbanded for a long time, with all the issues they each had and so on. Then, I had an idea about a story where new adventurers were getting recruited by the aging commander who was showing increasing signs of dementia and Alzheimer's. I just wasn't getting started on any of them on their own and finally came up with the idea of putting them all together in another flashback story that would incorporate different elements told by different characters, sometimes out of order but in the end making sense as it all came together to form a complete picture of Adventure Team Canada's background. This story is also a direct follow-up to "How it all started".

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