Adventure Team - Curse of the Scorpion - Part 9

I made this photo story while visiting my wife's side of the family in Nova Scotia during our summer vacation in July 2013. The photos near the falls were taken in Victoria Park in Truro during a hiking excursion with my eight year old son. All the other exterior shots were taken in my mother-in-law's yard, when my kids were busy playing on their mother's ipad while waiting for their cousins to arrive and I had nothing better to do. I had fun making up the story as I went with a bunch of figures and accessories that were kicking around. I made the best of what I had there. The flashback scenes were mostly done in the backyard around the crumbling deck and on top of the barbecue. The shots in the Hasbeens office were done on my mother-in-law's kitchen counter, just to wrap up that part of the story. I completed the whole thing with my Adventure Team Canada HQ set at home once we got back and created the dialogue while I was editing each picture for my blog. This was a lot of fun. I want to make more improvised photo stories like this one in the future. I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for looking.

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